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Festival 2015

The Celebrating Sanctuary Festival of world music and arts runs every June in Birmingham!

Refugee Week

Refugee Week

This is a unique opportunity to discover and celebrate the contributions that refugees make to the UK. Find out more



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The Redeemed & Nifeco Costa @ The Edge

The Redeemed & Nifeco Costa @ The Edge

Saturday 3rd December

The Edge

79-81 Cheapside, Digbeth, 

Birmingham, ,B12 0QH


Entry only £5 !!!!!

Join us for our end of year party with 2 great local bands, guaranteed to get you dancing!!!


The Redeemed

Redeemed 3 medThe Redeemed create a consummate stage show of music, dance and movement – the word ‘band’ cannot come close to defining them. A Birmingham- based group, the majority of The Redeemed hail from the Democratic Republic of Congo and their music reflects their heritage and a broad range of influences, including Rumba, Sebene, Zouk, Jazz, Gospel and more.

The Redeemed were founded by Didier kisala, who united young musicians who were passionate about music. They decided to work together and have now developed into the group they are today. The Redeemed create something different, playing typical Congolese Gospel music fused with different styles.

The Redeemed perform with the highest artistic quality and create a musical and visual delight.

Nifeco Costa

Nfeco Costa picNifeco is a Guine-Bissau/Portuguese musician who very early drank the traditional sounds of his homeland, which later led him to found the musical band “Mini Cobi” participating in 1987 at the Festival no Pintcha held in Bissau, where he stood out as a Revelation Artist. This resulted in the recording of some songs on the National Broadcasting Studio of Guine-Bissau (RDN). In 1993 Nifeco launched his first solo album, Saudadi, under the seal of Gravison publisher and in 1997 he participated in the 1st Gumbe Festival in Paris.  2007 –He recorded the Album “BKO Biak” in 2007 and is the author of two discographic works, recorded and launched in Lisbon.

He has participated in various festivals in Europe, Africa and USA, and made television appearances on RTP programs, TVI, SIC in Portugal. Since oving to the UK he has formed the band “Babock jazz”.

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