Ideas of Noise Collaboration 2018

CSB regular artists Didier Kisala and Millicent Chapanda worked in collaboration with musicians Andrew Woodhead and Aaron Diaz (ELDA) towards a festival of experimental sound which ran from the 3rd-5th August 2018 at The Edge in Digbeth.

The aim of the festival was to promote and connect West Midlands based artists and audiences of experimental sound and to develop new collaborations and future audiences. The festival featured regionally based artists working across many experimental genres; free improv, electronica, sound art, sound therapy, contemporary classical and more, really
expanding ideas of experimental sound practices and the creation of new experimental work.

There were 2 rehearsals/improvisation sessions leading to the performance at The Edge. All participants enjoyed the project, 

'This musical experiment was an opportunity [to] practice [the] universality of music; [it] effortlessly unites world cultures and exudes creativity in the diverse melting pot that is Birmingham. Music should not be boxed up in silos nor is it rigid; I just loved this cross-genre collaboration and crossing musical boundaries. I felt this creative process unlocked diverse ideas and inclusivity amongst all musicians involved’ Artist- Millicent Chapanda

'It was incredibly rewarding to find where the common ground lay between our artistic practices and make music together within that space. It was especially interesting to see all 4 of us stepping out of our comfort zones to make something that we could all take creative ownership of. I enjoyed the creative challenge that this presented and how it’s made me develop my thinking and approach outside of my existing frameworks; I think that these kind of collaborative projects are really healthy for artists at all stages of their development. The Celebrating Sanctuary meets Electronics collaboration really brought something different to the Ideas Of Noise Festival that I think would have been sorely missed otherwise; we were looking to find something that hadn’t been tried-and-tested in the experimental music world before, and the results surpassed all our expectations!' Artist- Andrew Woodhead, EDAL

'There was a dialogue, both non musically and musically, led by Millicent, Andrew, Aaron and Didier, where ideas were played with and explored, allowing and supporting each other to cross musical boundaries and shift the frames of musical thinking beyond two binaries. The resulting soundworld was a wonderful synthesis of each other's traditions which complimented all instruments.' Programme Assistant- Laura Rakotonirina