Artist Development

Developing Artists and Practice

CSB invests in the future of the arts by supporting artists, at all stages of their careers, in their creative development. This has included training and development opportunities, trying out and developing new ideas, collaborating with other artists, development and mentoring for emerging artists. Our artist development has helped refugee artists: Develop their careers, chances to perform and benefit from wider opportunities; Develop networks, promote their own events and create new collaborations, develop and create new works.

  • Didier Kisala worked with "The Froe" at River Cottage Festival, and was involved in the Red Cross "Long Road EP" with artists such as Robert Plant
  • Millicent Chapanda performed in collaboration in Manchester, London and at Shambala Festival.
  • Emerging Artists Programme
    We ran a mentoring programme for emerging artists from refugee and migrant backgrounds to help them develop their skills, practice and produce their own project. To find out more about this project, please click here
  • Artist Commissions and Support with Production
    We commissioned artists during the pandemic to write, create and produce a new piece of work which we could share digitally.
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