Refugee Week 2020

CSB Refugee Week Programme 2020 - Imagine


Our first ever online Refugee Week festival is nearly here, and we are excited to share with you a great programme of content.   We are committed to celebrating the contribution of refugees to our city and to supporting and promoting the work of refugee and migrant artists. We have commissioned artists and musicians to create new work around this year's theme of "Imagine".  "To imagine’ means to picture something you can’t currently see. To perceive something different." (Refugee Week UK)

Refugee Week Programme 2020

Refugee Week Featured Artists - Profiles, links and Commissioned Works

Commissions by 10 Featured artists around the theme of "Imagine"


Didier Kisala (DR Congo) -

Stay Together (Live recording)

Millicent Chapanda (Zimbabwe) -

Rudekaro (Live recording)

Nifeco Costa (Guinea Bissau) -

Explanation - (Live recording)

Zirak Hamad - (Kurdistan)

Kas Nia (No One) - (Live recording)

Germa Adan - (Haiti)

An Nou Leve (Let's Get Up) (Live recording)

Ben Pathy (Angola) with Afro Mio -

Nkondolo - (pre recorded music)

Poetry / Spoken Word:

Ben Pathy (Angola)  -

Works by Angolan poet, Avelino Bambi (Live performance)

Laura Nyahuye (Zimbabwe) -

Skin - (Live recording & written poem)

Ahmed Magare (Somalia) -

Quarantime - (Live recording & written poem)

Sun Dust, Not Now - (written poem)

Artwork & Photography:

Kia Aria (Iran) - 

Room (Photography exhibition)

Ahmed Magare (Somalia) -

Quarantime (Artwork)

CSB Workshops

Millicent Chapanda (Zimbabwe) - Mbira and song

Fahim Zazai (Afghanistan) - Kitemaking

Zirak Hamad (Kurdistan) - Daf - Kurdish drumming

World Music Party (details tbc) Saturday 20th June

Soapboxes – To imagine (In partnership with Ikon)

Saturday 20 June, time tbc

As part of World Refugee Day and Midsummer Festival, Ikon and Celebrating Sanctuary Birmingham have compiled 20 quick-fire, home-produced, soapbox videos on the theme of Refugee Week 2020: ‘Imagine’ #RefugeeWeek2020  #BhamRefugeeWeek  #Imagine

Music Playlists -

Youtube playlist

Spotify playlist

Film links via Refugee Week Uk

Plus Contributions from Birmingham Refugee Week Network which we will be sharing throughout the week.  Please join the group and invite others so that we can share content and engage with as many people as possible through Refugee Week.

Birmingham Refugee Week

Please follow link below:

Selfie Project:

"To imagine’ means to picture something you can’t currently see. To step beyond the current moment, and perceive something different." (Refugee Week UK)

We will be promoting a selfie project to encourage people to show support for Refugee Week by taking a selfie and holding up a sign saying "Refugee Week 2020 and what they imagine". and post with the hashtags: #RefugeeWeek2020  #BhamRefugeeWeek  #Imagine