Patrice Naiambana-Featured Artist'21

Patrice Naiambana is an actor, storyteller and African performing artist, originally from Sierra Leone, where he started his apprenticeship with Tabule Tiata and Gbakanda Tiata. He then studied in Leeds under Artistic Directors Dele Charley and Yulisa Amadu Maddy. He has worked extensively in theater, film, radio and TV, learning from some of the UK's most innovative and brilliant Directors: Steven Berkoff, Adrian Noble, Michael Boyd, Kathryn Hunter and leading decolonial thinkers such Rolando Vasquez and Walter Mignolo. He is currently appearing in The Irregulars on Netflix as the Duke of Winchester.

As an Animateur and African Performing Artist, Patrice has been facilitating Tribal Soul Arts since 1991 - A laboratory for African Diaspora performance aesthetics exploration and critical dialogue. It was initiated in Leeds in response to the sparse opportunity for theatre training that reflected Diaspora Heritage. Previous projects include a trans-national canon of 'The Gospel of Othello', The Man Who Committed Thought, The Accused, Gravediggers and Perception Gap: Training, Making and Performing anchored in a vibrant Post-Colonial Literacy allied to the raison d'être of The Griot.

“Having schooled and lived in several countries, I learned to ask the question 'What is the story here?' And I learned to tell those stories through a post-colonial diaspora lens. I make stories in a variety of mediums and spaces. I travel the world transferring research and professional performance experience into diverse environments and communities. A key aspect of this work is designing story-making concepts for informal ensembles, interdisciplinary training and intercultural learning and dialogue.”

Diary of a Prodigal Father is a short film, written, directed and featuring Patrice Naiambana.  It is his response to the Refugee Week theme for 2021 We Cannot Walk Alone.  Patrice will also be hosting our main Refugee Week event at Mac Birmingham.